12 Day Holiday Countdown

Ever since Halloween passed, it looks like Christmas vomited in every store. Now don’t get me wrong, Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I love Thanksgiving too! To me, there’s nothing better than an intentional day of gratefulness before we celebrate the greatest Gift of all!

I’m so excited that in a mere two weeks, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with family!

Two weeks before every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, we do a twelve day countdown and it’s become a tradition in our family.  My kids will be thrilled when it’s time to start it!

My mom found it a few years ago on Dayspring and the kids love it.  Each numbered block holds a tile.


My kids love to fight over who gets to look in the box every day (it’s lovely, haha).



There is a booklet that comes with the countdown that provides a guide for discussion for each tile.  I like that it’s kept short and sweet since attention spans in my house are fleeting!


Once a day is completed, you turn the box to reveal a piece of a larger picture that the kids will see on the last day.


The countdown is about $25, but watch for it to go on sale and you can find it for approximately $10.

This is a great tool that will commence great discussion and thought with your kids as you prepare for holidays!

How do you like to prepare your family for Thanksgiving?


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